6 eggs on display.6 eggs on display.

Gippsland Pastured Eggs


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You can’t get better eggs than these and the best bit is they are only just out the road from our shop.
Here at Gippsland Pastured each flock of hens is small and protected by permanent fox-proof electric fences; we also have dogs that keep a watchful eye over our farm. We are proud to have a stocking density of 200 hens/ha, which gives our hens plenty of room to roam.
A little story about the eggs-
When the hens are not enjoying the great outdoors each flock has their own purpose built mobile caravan. The caravans provide a safe place for them to lay eggs during the day and roost at night; the vans also have a mesh floor that allows the hens droppings to fall through. Because they are not fixed in place we can move them around the whole farm regularly. This helps to regenerate the soil but also means the chickens are not living in their own mess; minimising health issues in the hens, the cattle and the soil. Our hens are fed a blend of grains to meet their complex nutritional requirements and they spend their days foraging in the pasture for a large variety of bugs.

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