Camperdown Full Cream Milk


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It has taken a while to find a creamy full cream milk that will last till use by.

Camperdown Dairy crafts products that are the essence of our way of life; wholesome, country goodness from a special part of the world.
Camperdown is dairy country, and it’s our place, in the south-west of Victoria, Australia.
It’s a place in balance with nature: clear fresh southerly winds, rich volcanic soils, abundant rainfall and pastures lush and green.
It’s a place with a rich farming history. Paddocks have been dotted with brown Jerseys and black and white Friesians for well over a century, and even the fences tell a story; stone walls that ramble through the valleys and fields, past creeks and patches of native Australian forest.
There’s a serenity here disturbed only by the chomping of hay and the mooing of cows in readiness for their pre-dawn milking.
Pure, clean, natural milk shows just how much these environs enrich our main ingredient, creating a range of dairy products from which you can taste a sense of place.

Product Description: Whole milk (Jersey) – (homogenizsed) no artificial colours, flavours, permeate or preservatives.

Ingredients: Pasteurised, homogenised, full cream Jersey milk

Allergens: This product contains materials derived from cow’s milk.

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