Red wine garlic steak on display.Red wine garlic steak on display.

Marinated Steak


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We use the end cuts of scotch fillet or the first cuts of rump steak tenderised as a base for our marinated steaks.

Honey mustard steak is the most popular steak we have. Bringing the sweet flavour of the honey with a little heat coming from the mustard.

Herb, garlic and chilli marinated provides a great mix of flavour with the chilli being sweet with only a slight bite

The red wine and garlic marinated steak brings the sweetness of red wine together with garlic and herbs.

Cooking instructions-
Being such a thin steak it is best to cook the marinated steak non marinated side down on a hot grill for 4 – 5 minutes.

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Herb, Garlic & Chilli, Honey Mustard, Red Wine & Garlic